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    Our firewood is processed from logs we purchase through various loggers in the Western New York region. The wood consists of maple, red oak, white oak, ash, hickory, beech, birch, and cherry. We will not sell any of the inferior "hard woods" such as basswood, poplar, or cottonwood. Our wood is standard cut to 16" lengths. You can specify different lengths if you order green wood. We sell green wood all year, and seasoned wood from September until the supply is gone. To be sold as seasoned, our wood must be cut and split before July 1st of that year and must have a moisture content less than 20%. Most of our long time customers have converted to "green wood buyers". They do this to save money and to be sure they have the supply of wood they require before winter sets in.

     We sell wood by the common "face cord" measurement. A full cord of wood is a pile of wood stacked together that is 8 feet long, 4 feet high and 4 feet wide. This type of measurement was a result of the way firewood was sold many years ago. It actually is stated in NY common law that it is illegal to sell wood in any other measurement than a "cord". However, the marketplace has demanded that not only does the consumer want the wood totally cut and split to their specifications, they also want the ability to buy quantities less than a full cord. If you take that 8' x 4' x 4' stack of logs and cut it to 16" lengths, you will end up with 3 separate rows of wood 8' long, 4' high and 16" wide. This is a face cord. There is then 3 face cord in a full cord of wood.
     We can vary the split size on green wood to whatever you need.
     Our guarantee is simple---if you are not happy with the wood, let us know what we need to do so that you will be satisfied---and we will do it.
 Green wood:  $70 per face cord
Seasoned wood:  $100 per face cord  (We are completely sold out of seasoned wood for this winter)
We Have other choices available including chunkwood (cut and split - various sizes) and small logs (uncut/unsplit - various sizes) and slabwood (bulk, finished, or bundled)
All our firewood is certified to meet NYSDEC Regulations regarding the transport and sale of firewood.

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